Calibration Laboratory

We calibrate your thermometers or whole temperature measuring systems. A certification of electrotherm guaranties traceability to national standards. On demand we also arrange calibrations in a DKD or the PTB standard laboratory.



 calibration range


 resistance thermometer
 types Pt10 and Pt25

 -189 ... 660 ° C  

 0.005 ... 0.02 K

 precision thermocouples

 types S, B, Au-Pt and Pt-Pd

 660 ... 1554 ° C

 0.15 ... 2.5 K

 water triple point cell

 0.01° C

 0.0008 K

 standard resistors

 10, 100 und 10 000 Ohm

 2 ppm

 voltage standard of Weston type

 1.018 ... 10.18 V

 2 pp


A speciality of our service consists of development, inspection, test and/or repair of your resistance thermometers (RTD, SPRT, HSPRT) and precision thermocouples. We are able to perform temperatures of -190 up to 1700°C. Realising this large temperature range we keep improved reproducibility by means of miniature fixed-point cells. ( → MFPZ, FKS)