About us

The region around Geraberg, situated in the green heart of germany, is a traditional centre of the german glass and thermometer industry and well known for liquid-in-glass-thermometers, laboratory, precision and technical thermometers.

Based on these historical background, the family business was founded in 1991 and is now being continued in the second generation. Starting with only few employees from the former Geraberg thermometer factory, electrotherm has developed into a specialist for electrical temperature measurement technology with 35 employees and supplies customers with resistance thermometers and thermocouples in more than 30 countries.


Temperature measurements „Made in Germany“


The Thuringian company, situated in the green heart of germany, developes, constructs and manufactures resistance thermometers and thermocouples for a wide range of applications, especially for chemical industry and power plant engineering, machinery and construction of means of transport, calibration services, standard laboratories and many others.

In addition to the standard types we offer customer-specific designs and tailor-made construction solutions with high quality at competitive prices and short delivery times.

Do not hesitate to contact. Our sales remployees will be glad about helping you.