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Precision thermocouple
Baureihe PTE

Application areas



- secondary level or transfer thermometer

- highly precise measurements in a large temperature range

0...1600°C (type R,S)
400...1700°C (type B)
0...1000°C (type Au-Pt)
0...1300°C (type Pt-Pd)




Technical datas


- Precious metal wires of high homogeneity and purity, 99.99% typical, on demand with improved reproducibility by means of a special thermal treatment

- protecting tube, alumina C799, one additional as spare, very easy replaceable, ø7...8x700m, other geometry on demand

- handle ø20 x 95mm, Ni-plated brass, max. temperature 80°C

- save transport and storing in smart attached box

- total mass (incl. box) about 2,7 kg

Thermo junction

S (PtRh10-Pt) DIN EN 60584

R (PtRh13-Pt) DIN EN 60584

B (PtRh30-PtRh6) DIN EN 60584

Au-Pt DIN EN 62460

Pt-Pd DIN EN 62460

Number of Thermo junction

1 thermocouple

Wire size

0,35 mm

0.5 mm

Protective tube material

C 799

Protective tube diameter d

7 mm

8 mm

on inquiry

Protective tube length L

700 mm

on inquiry


free ends

others on inquiry






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