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Sheathed Thermocouple
Baureihe 500

Sheathed Thermocouple-Cable Sensor with
stainless steel ring and thermo braided wire

Application temperature

up to +800°C

Thermo junction

J (Fe-CuNi) DIN EN 60584

K (NiCr-Ni) DIN EN 60584

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Number of Thermo junction

1 thermocouple

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Sheath material


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Material of the ring


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Measuring point design

insulated of sheath

welded in sheath

Nominal length L

500 mm

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Compensating cable length L2

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Type of compensating cable

GlGlV 2x0,22

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Bending radius of the sheath material ≥5xød

11/2016 technical changes are reserved

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